Kenta Kaneko

Kenta Kaneko

Associate Professor

Research Fields

If a teacher changes teaching method or manner of communicating, the atmosphere of their class also changes. Since I experienced that in elementary school, I have pondered over the source of the powers of teachers.
In the undergraduate course at the Department of Education, Kyushu University, I came to be interested in the improvement of university education. I set my research focus on cutting-edge phenomena in university settings such as the establishment of interdisciplinary centers or the usage of information devices in lectures.

Research on university administration and management

Focusing on research centers across departments, especially “Organized Research Units” (In Japanese, “Gakunai kyodo kyoiku kenkyu shisetsu”), I research the nature of operations of the interdisciplinary organization, and the meanings of establishment of centers in relation to university strategies.

Research on university education

I am interested in the ideas which make learning more effective. Improving the environment through university administration is one of the solutions, and technical improvement in lectures is another. In particular, I focus on the limits and possibilities of first year experience and e-Learning.

Research on educational administration (making use of information devices to develop supporting tools for teachers)

In recent management research and practice, it becomes more and more important to keep tabs on the actual conditions through data. In 2010, I released an activity recording software, a first in the arena of Japanese educational administration research.
This software is superior to conventional research methods in the following three points:

  • Reducing the mental stress of respondents (compared to participant observation)
  • Collecting accurate data (compared to the questionnaire method)
  • Effective feedback (compared to the original method called the “diary method”)

Certifications & Skills

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. in Education, Kyushu University, September 2017
  • M.A. in Education, Kyushu University, March 2011
  • B.Ed., Kyushu University, March 2009


  • Teacher’s certificate (Social Studies in Junior High School, Civics, Geography and History in High School)
  • Applied Information Technology Engineer (IPA, December 2017)